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You Say Goodbye & I Say Hello

It’s with immense joy that I get to say “Goodbye” to my beloved blog Evangitality.  I’ve been evaluating my life a lot and I keep running into clutter.  Whether it be my dresser top, my basement, my inbox…it’s always there.  It feels like it’s symbolic of the times with two young children (the creators of constant clutter trails); yet, I cannot help but find myself looking for a place of semblance, a quiet place I call my own.  Interesting isn’t it.  I long for a place, or an environment I can control.  Except, hospitality is anything but that.  I guess that’s why it’s so hard to truly extend hospitality.  Why so many of us want to give sacrificiously.  To give with everything we have to make the world a better place.  We want to give yet still control the world in which we live.  Unfortunately, we can’t have both.

I am on a journey to embrace this constant loving & giving word…idea.  It’s both noun & verb, they live side by side.  We cannot simply talk about this great idea of how to extend hospitality and leave it as noun; rather, we must allow the action…the verb…to marry the noun.  And that is where I’ve decided to say goodbye to Evangitality.

I’m not saying goodbye because I don’t want to embrace hospitality.  I’m saying goodbye to bring more cohesion to the story.  I feel my time at Evangitality has been fruitful and wonderful.  I’m thankful to have a place to share my heart for loving others, sharing stories & yum food.  But….

I’ve always been a bit annoyed with the name Evangitality.  Whenever I see someone in public they can never pronounce the name.  I’m big on correct pronunciation of words (and correct spelling), especially when the name is dear (as in someone’s first name, or something they love).  I’m never annoyed with the people who cannot pronounce the word Evangitality; rather, I’m annoyed with myself that I made it so difficult.

I felt like the name Evangitality is so limiting to what I can write about (because I have more than recipes & hospitality brewing in my head & heart).  I wanted to journey in a less cramped place (blog).

Another thing is I have a personal family blog that some of you don’t read.  I write little updates about my family, share videos, photos and basically (let’s face it) give grandparents a dose of their grandchildren.

I wanted to combine my worlds into one space.

I brood over possible names, Genuine Hospitality, Radical Hospitality, but those too were a bit too confine.  Then, I began thinking how I really love storytelling.  You know, that oral tradition that has almost died in our culture, but it’s kept alive by a couple of embers in the pit.  And not only do I love stories & storytelling, but I really like food.  It’s something people associate with me.  So call me crazy, but I thought I should incorporate that into the title.

I thought, Around the Fire sounded nice.  You know, we cook around the fire, oral tradition of telling stories around the fire, we commune around the fire, etc.  But, I wasn’t sold and when you type it in a search engine you get this weird movie that came out in the 90s, which I wouldn’t want my blog associated with.

My friend Hilary (who will be writing a guest post soon) suggested, Around the Table, recalling scenes from Moonstruck and the sacredness of the table.  I liked it, but wasn’t completely sold.  Then, I went back to look at my personal mission statement and there was one word that popped out to me.  I adore this word.  In fact, if Tayers had been a boy, her middle name would have been Ransom, which means Redemption.  When I look over my story, I see God’s redeeming hand in it all.  When I look at life, I’m always reminding of this word…Redemption/redeem/redeeming.  That’s why I am so happy saying goodbye to Evangitality and saying HELLO to:


Click on the picture to take you to Redeeming the Table

Join me in saying goodbye & saying hello.  I am thankful for you readers who keep coming back and even more thankful for those of you who encourage me in writing & posting (you are a source of my joy).