Stories & Community

Stories inspire us.  When a young child attentively listens to the story their parent or teacher tells them, they are quick to say, “tell the story again.”  Jesus taught people through parables, because he knew that the heart & mind are touched when a story is told.  When God called creation into existence, it is written in story form, not a biological sketchbook.  We as people relate with other people through stories.  It’s our story that gives us a place in this world.  We can choose to use our story to tear down or edify, to remain stagnant or sprout new growth, to create apathy or purpose in life.

Each of our stories are unique and like a fingerprint, no two are alike.  We gave our oldest daughter the middle name ‘Storey,’ which means ‘strong & powerful,’ because we believe God gave us each a story to tell and we wanted her to use her story to inspire, create change & empower others with it and to help them find their story.  And so as you’re visiting evangitality, I would encourage you to think about what your story is and how you can use it for living out hospitality within community.  Because there is sure to be someone who needs it.

Please email me with your story, or how you’ve been able to use your story to create community & live out evangitality, as I would love to hear it and share with others.  You can email me at: kamille[at]evangitality[dot]com

Communities living out forms of Evangitality:

Open Door Community

The Whatcom Dream

Mustard Seed Associates (MSA)

Agros International


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