I think it’s important to note that hospitality is not Martha Stewart.  Someone might think they need to know all there is to know about baking, cooking, or entertaining, but true hospitality is so much more than that. As R. Paul Stevens writes,

“Hospitality is often confused with entertaining. Entertainment could represent a superficial hospitality, but it is possible to entertain without being hospitable.  Whole families, whether single parent or extended, can engage in the mission of God by giving hospitality to the stranger, the outsider, the marginalized and the needy.  It is a way of loving our neighbor as ourselves.”

So as Stevens puts it, it is far reaching and beyond the concept of entertaining, or setting your table with fine china.  It’s more about stretching our resources and stepping outside of our comfort zones to show how Jesus did the same for all of humanity when he came to Earth.  Boil it down a step further means caring for someone in such a way that leaves them thinking, “I was cherished, treasured, and loved by that person.  I was left with my dignity intact.  My basic needs were met.”  So I extend this question to myself, “how can I extend hospitality?”

Below you’ll find posts on hospitality.  Some of practical application types, while others are more theoretical or woven through a story.  For instance, in Split Pea post, the word hospitality is never used, but you can see how our family friend opened her home for me to stay over.  As you read, I hope you will begin to see ways in which you already extend “evangitality” and be inspired of new ways as well.

Posts on Hospitality:

Practical Hospitality:


3 responses to “Hospitality

  • Rosie

    I love the concept of your blog…because I found it after I’d set up my own on the same premise! Jesus spent so much time eating! He knew that we let down the barriers and expose our real selves when we’re sat at a dinner table. So, it’s absolutely worth having an extra pack of mince and spaghetti on hand *just in case* I meet someone who could do with dinner and a chat!

    Great blog, great reasons – I’m in!
    Rosie of BooksAndBakes

    • Kamille

      Thanks Rosie! It’s good to have you as a reader and I’ll be checking your blog out. And although I have cooking recipes, I am much more intrigued and interested in baking as well. Cheers to you!

  • Calum Henderson

    Hi Kamille,

    My wife and I have just started a Christian hospitality blog, I’ll be looking forward to reading through your posts on hospitality in order to gain some insight.


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