The story behind this weird word ‘Evangitality’

Evangitality (i-ˈvan-jə-ta-lə-tē) is a word my husband made up. In my pre-child days, I did an internship working with college students.  I was asked to create a ministry within the ministry, which would seek to serve through hospitality.  I have a huge heart for hospitality, that is to serve through tangible ways (i.e. baking or cooking for people and eating it too, mi casa es su casa), inviting people into my home to make them feel welcomed and love, to befriend the friendless and offer grace wherever I can.  And as I was sharing my vision with Ben, I told him that I saw hospitality as the true evangelism.  How people are most comfortable sharing their lives when in the kitchen preparing food or eating food.  How using your hands to create while getting to know someone isn’t as intimidating as sitting down for coffee just staring at someone.  It’s probably why many families or guests flock to the kitchen.  So Ben said (way back when), “how about combine the two words? ‘Evang’ from Evangelism and ‘itality’ from Hospitality making evangitality?”  And the name stuck.

So what is Evangitality?

Evangitality is about living out Christ in practical ways, through the monotonous, humdrum of life.  It is taking evangelism, which is sharing the ‘good news,’ and mixing it with a welcoming, caring, loving, and safe environment, which we might call ‘hospitality.’

Evangitality & me:

As for myself, I love to create in the kitchen, particularly with the baking end of things.  I love how you can brighten a person’s day with a homemade baked good or a from scratch meal.  To me, it communicates love and serves two basic needs as humans (food & care). During my week you’ll find me cooking three meals a day and snacks for a four & two year old (my daughters), and for dinner my husband likes to join in on the fun.  Not only do I cook, but I take part in other motherly roles throughout the week (play dress up with my oldest, give tickles, smooches, & hugs all around, read books, enjoy friends, tell stories, and try to stay sane for the most part).  Right now, my biggest avenue of hospitality is through my family.

My girls are young and they need constant care & attention, which seems only suiting that I extend God’s love to them.  And I think that’s what resounds about hospitality to me.  It’s this idea that the only way I can truly love someone if I know how much my Papa God loves me.  But not only how much he loves me…how much he loves each individual on the planet.  So as a mama, I have to work at extending evangitality to my girls on a daily basis, which can be one of the hardest forms of extending it.

I believe ever since I was a little girl I had that natural inclination (gift) to feel deeply.  You might call it empathy, or compassion, but I think it was the Spirit of God breathing his heart upon me.  And so when I saw someone hurting or mistreated, my heart ached for them.  I can recall many instances where someone’s loneliness penetrated right to the core of me and I felt as though I couldn’t breathe.  This allowed me opportunity to give recognition to the lowly and befriend the friendless; but, it was also reciprocated through loving individuals who were Jesus to me.  And so I wanted to start a blog to bring these various worlds together.  To share ways in which evangitality is played out, by combining the theoretical with the practical, along with sharing life.  So I hope you will join me as we encourage one another through genuine hospitality, nourishing stories, and sustaining food for body, mind & soul.

You can email me at kamille[at]evangitality[dot]com.  I love & appreciate your comments, stories, and plain ole’ hearing from you.  Thank you for stopping by.



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  • Emily Wells

    OH this is SOOO you! If the Bible was written today, I am sure that blogging and baking would be your spiritual gifts. Bring it on, sista’!

    • Kamille

      That’s so nice Emily and so interesting to hear you say that, because on Monday we met some other moms at the park, when one of them said, “So…do you think baking and cooking are spiritual gifts? Because, I think that’s yours Kamille!”

  • mfm (Peggy)

    what a great blog, i couldn’t agree with you more on your definition of true hospitality.I love replacing the word entertaining with hospitality.It is real food for the soul, not the ego. Way to go .I subscribed to your feed. and hope to follow your progress. Great topic!

    • Kamille

      Thanks Peggy! I’m so glad to have you as a reader. Your Sarah really inspired me and helped me along in this journey, because as I read her blog it got me thinking about everything I always think about and am so passionate about (Food, People, Stories, & Hospitality and how they’re interrelated). I think I had an “aha” moment while reading her blog. Well I’m so glad to have you here and thanks again for telling me about Sarah’s blog. And I concur about entertaining (too much fluff sometimes).

  • Amy Jane (Untangling Tales)

    How delightful!
    It’s neat to see a mom of littles looking both ways. (I’m totally with you on bringing people home to love on them– and it not being about the fine china.)

    Definitely be back later to explore more.

  • Christine Angermeier

    Kamille Sam sent me this blog because she thought i would love it and she was right. Kamille I am so proud of you. You are the light from God and you always have been. Everytime I saw you, you always had this bright smile and it made my heart good to see it. I too, have God in my life and he has taken me through many paths in my life and has been there for me for all the tragedies. I couldnt have done it without him. He is the center of my life. I recently lost my husband and still reeling from that but I thank God for the happy times we had. God sent him to me when I didnt know I needed him. God is so wise and he loves us unconditionally. Well, I dont want to keep you but may God bless your family and I thank him for bringing you back into my life, even if it is online. hee hee
    Love you Kamille,

    • Kamille

      Chris–thank you for such kind words. And I’m so sorry to hear about Lon–what heartbreak to go through. Please continue to share and I hope you find community to embrace you during this time.

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