In Like a Lion

Hopefully March will be out like a lamb.  I’ve been bathing in 48 degree weather, which sounds terribly cold to this native Arizona, but the acclimated Washingtonian…it sounds incredible.  I’ve been relishing in time with Ben, my girls, friends & a nice visit with my mom.  Life is too short to feel tied to blogging (since I don’t do it for a living) or keep my incoming traffic here consistent.  I would be defined as a failure in blogging terms (i.e. don’t allow days at a time without a post), which is bull if my aim in life were to live for the stats & being popular.

But I suspect that I, like you, have other things in life that need to be lived and if that means taking a break; well, then a break it is.  I was recently on a date with Ben and he was talking about how much he needed to be surrounded by good music & books.  Then, he went on to say, “life’s too short to read boring books.”  Isn’t that true!  In so many areas of our life, I feel like we could sub the “read…books” part and put something else in.  It’s finding the areas that are enriching to our souls, mind & body.  Life truly is too short to read boring books, to short to watch crap shows/movies, to short to fill my time with life outside of my own reality.  Lent is this Wednesday, and again I’m reminded to quiet my soul & mind, in order for me to hear what is truly good.  To fill my body & soul with good & lovely things.  To know what life is worth living for (because it is shorter than I know).  Wherever you are on life’s journey, I hope you are finding those still & quiet moments to fill it with the truly good things.


I have a big surprise coming in my next post, which might come out tomorrow or Tuesday.  Stay tuned!


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