Still Feels Like Summer

I’ve been away from Evangitality lately.  I have lots on my mind & in my heart to share, but when it rolls around 8:00 at night–I’m simply wiped out.  Have I really turned into an alert person in the morning, dare I say, “a morning person?”  With 5:30 wake-up for a 6:00 workout, it’s no wonder by 8:00 pm my mind is numb.  What’s been primary on my list is working on my health & my families’ health, which means I haven’t baked much at all.  We’ve been eating a lot more whole foods here & baking (even with unrefined sugars) doesn’t appeal to me that much.  But don’t worry, because I don’t know if I’ll ever be the person who puts an ad on Craigslist selling off all my baking supplies.

In fact, it’s at times like these when my Kitchenaid is collecting dust & singing melancholy tunes reminding me how much I enjoy creating through baking.  I’ve been taking advantage of summer’s bounty by making use of that 1/2 a cow in our deep freezer, making our own live yeast culture, some pesto cubes, freezer strawberry jam & fermented dill-garlic pickles.  Sounds like a lot, but there are days in between the projects and I typically do one a day.  No need to be supermom here.

What I’m really excited about is the conversation over dinner Monday night with Ben.  He said, “I was thinking and you should buy a camera for yourself.”  “Really, how come?” I replied.  “Well, I know how much you enjoy being able to blog & capture our families’ life through pictures,” he responded.  So with that, I’ve been researching cameras, making a con/pro list and working with what is practical, resourceful (think budget) & most beneficial for years to come.  I’ve narrowed it down to Canon S90 or Nikon D5000, both in separate categories.  I’m leaning toward the Canon simply for monetary constraints & practicality.  I’ll let you know the final consensus.

But, let me leave you with my thank you for choosing to be apart of this journey with me.  I value you not only as readers, but knowing you have equally (if not more) busy lives, peaceful moments and chaotic the next, and you spend some of that valuable life here with me.  So wherever you are, may you know the peace & feel the warm (yet soothing) summer breeze (think 80 degrees no humidity) upon your skin, through your hair & in your soul.


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