a little girl’s heaven

In getting to know people, specifically females, I find it interesting to see who they are as grown women as a result of their father’s flourishing love or lack thereof in their formative years.  Regardless of where our father falls within the pendulum, I strongly believe there is a part within each of us that longs for our father’s approval (more than our mother’s I should say mom’s approval is definitely important) and affirming love.  We not only need to hear  the words, but see them played out in action…it sustains us.

As I see our daughters and who they can become as young women, I know Ben’s words and actions are foundational in becoming such stellar ladies.  More than anything, it is placing within them a confidence that says, “My daddy thinks I’m beautiful & capable–I’m worth it.”  Our oldest thrives on words of affirmation.  She is quick to say thank you and just as quick to let you know why you should be thankful for her.  It’s quite lovely and refreshing.  The hours when she’s in her slump (and so am I) are the minutes, which have ticked away with little to no affirmation or praise from my mouth.  It’s as if I have forgotten to delight in her.

And as a stay at home mom, I think that’s all too true.  What, with getting the dishes unloaded and loaded, responding to the many demands of up & down during meals, getting breakfast/lunch/dinner on the table (while barely eating something warm), changing diapers & helping with potty stuff, cleaning up spills, etc (minus the lunch & dinner & it’s only 11:00 am), it’s easy to forget about simply delighting in my children.  Forgetting to see the world through their eyes and realize it’s so very good.

And as I want to delight in my girls, so I want to delight in my perfect Father as he so lavishly delights in me.  He sings over me and in his presence I’m always safe.  Ben and I want to make it easy for our girl’s to walk in such a grace as a daughter of the most High.  I wrote this song describing just that while in college.

“a little girl’s heaven”

Dancing in the sunlight
Twirling in a sundress
The rays of light catch my eyes
And shine in my hair.
I chase after butterflies
And hop like the toad frogs
I always find you there.

For I know that this is love,
Cause I see it in your eyes.
For I know that this is love,
Cause its been there all my life.

Curiosity brought me
Into the garden,
Picking the daisies and
Climbing the oak tree.
I lay in the cold fountain water
With eyes sparklin’ like
Diamonds when I see my king.

For I know that this is love,
Cause I see it in your eyes.
For I know that this is love,
Cause its been there all my life.

Playing hopscotch and
Singing pretty,
Thinking of honey
And the bumblebee.
Oh how sweet the
Taste is of Jesus,
Father you’re lovely for making me.

For I know that this is love,
Cause I see it in your eyes.
For I know that this is love,
Cause its been there all my life.

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