I’ve been thinking a lot about traditions lately as we’re entering the holiday season.  I want something more for myself and my family when we celebrate in this pre-Advent & Advent season.  I desire to know Jesus more deeply.  To know of his surpassing love for me.  To know this tattered story of a peasant boy born King of the Universe.  And even more, I desire for my girls to fall in love with this story with a newness coming out each time they hear it.


Not only that, but I desire for our family to work together towards a bigger goal in our lives.  It’s too easy to get in ruts and walk through our life putting out the flames, while losing sight of the whole picture.  I want my girls to dream big and look out for the grandiose.  I want our family to be apart of something bigger than ourselves as well, because we truly cannot be sustained on what “seems” fulfilling while it slowly sucks us dry leaving us a barren wasteland.  And this is part of why traditions are so important to me.


It’s a way to enable us as individuals, as a family and as members of the greater community to reflect, renew and reconnect with what’s valuable and life-breathing.  And in order for us to create and follow through on traditions, we have been creating a family mission statement to know where we as a family are headed (and where we’d like to go).  It helps us not only to stay on course, but to know which course is ours to stay on.  What are some ways your family has created traditions?  How have you gone about in creating traditions?  What traditions have you carried over from your family of origin to your family?

One of our Fall traditions is to usher it in by going to the Pumpkin Patch, eat some homemade chili & cornbread, drink some warm apple cider and watch Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin.  As our children our young (almost one year & 3 years), it is a bit counterproductive to focus too much on the “deep” aspects of traditions.  Instead, we focus on simplicity at this age, while still giving thanks to God.  I believe in slowly building it up for them.  And if you’re looking for a great corn bread recipe, then you should try this Firecracker Cornbread.



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