Always for planning, but rarely the planned

When Ben & I were engaged eight years ago, I jumped right on the wedding planning train and didn’t skip a beat.  I loved everything about it (I know some of you might be thinking, “I was so glad when my wedding was over, because I hated planning it.”), making lists, finding the site that fit our criteria, making lists, picking out the wedding dress, making lists, choosing the right cake, making lists…Truly it was all about the lists.  I was and still am addicted to making lists.  In fact, Ben said, “Ya know I think you’ll be a bit sad when the wedding day is here, because you won’t have anything to plan for anymore.”  He was right (but I was also glad to finally celebrate).

I have a journal (well, it’s more like a composition book) that I’ve had since I found out I was pregnant with my second (March 2008).  It’s my go to planning/idea/recipe/you name it book.  I love that it’s not just a journal on one topic, but a smorgasboard of life’s events.  It contains recipes I’ve found, ideas for parenting, a calendar of events, baking equations, my thoughts, & even boy & girl baby names we were considering (plus so much more).  I know for some people it’s easier for them to use the computer to type out their ideas, make lists, or even make a budget; but, that’s not me.  I need the senses involved a bit more.  Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t do without my Mac, but there is something about writing with pen & paper.  There’s something about having it all right in front of you (which makes me think about Ben talking about how we will be seeing less written books and more digital books–sad face).

I guess, you might be thinking (maybe me too), “Okay Kamille, but what does any of this have to do with hospitality, food, or anything really?”  Well, I think it got me thinking about how I love lists, making plans for what’s to come, and how it all ties around the notion of organizing my life, in order to be a blessing to others.  Plus, the idealist in me always has something that I would like to do, but cannot actually get it done (so making a list of the possibilities is very concrete & I need that sometimes).  Here’s a bit of my Autumn-New Year’s List (writing it as a post is inspired by Andi):

  1. Make a Halloween costume for V.  She said she wants to dress like the moon.
  2. Make a Holiday dress for V.  Thinking simple long sleeve peasant style dress.
  3. Make a soft blankie for C for her one year birthday.
  4. Make applesauce.
  5. Create a recipe or expand from one I have & make pumpkin cream cheese muffins.
  6. Puree another batch of pumpkin (give some away).
  7. Make two more batches of chicken stock (give some away).
  8. Go to the pumpkin patch and come home to celebrate Autumn with a chili dinner.
  9. Make Veterkans for Christmas morning.
  10. Write a family mission statement with Ben.
  11. Knit some scarves & a couple hats (gifts).
  12. Make & create some cards (haven’t done this in a while).
  13. Watch Pride & Prejudice with some friends (the 6 hour version) while eating banana bread & drinking tea.
  14. Go on some dates with Ben.
  15. Take some Autumn family photos
  16. Take advantage of as many sunny days as possible before they disappear.

Obviously, I could go & on about making lists.  These are ones that will happen in the immediate future.  For me one of the biggest is making a family mission statement, so that we can live purposefully in our lives but have spontaneous moments mixed in.  (And I guess life is live in a balance of these two order to walk in the fundamentals, which are encompassed in grace)  What are items in your head that you want to accomplish this Fall?  In what ways have you found to be intentional yet mixed with spontaneity?



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2 responses to “Always for planning, but rarely the planned

  • Kristen Koeshall

    Just got your blog from Ramona 🙂 How fun! I love your list. My question: What are Veterkans? Oh, and one more, what is your recipe for chicken stock?
    Hope you are doing well! Missing you guys, but sure have fond memories from our summer visit.
    Kristen Koeshall 🙂

    • Kamille

      Hi Kristen–how fun to have you visit my blog. I don’t know if I knew Ramona had any idea about–that’s also fun. As for Veterkans, it is this yeast sweet roll bread, baked in a ring, but cardamom is the star rather than the traditional cinnamon. I found it on a blog I skim. I kept drooling over it and finally made it for Christmas. Then, decided it would be a good tradition to make for every Christmas. My recipe for chicken stock–Hmmm, I used this one I found on Epicurious, but changed it up a bit. I’ll look and post. hope all is well for you, John & the boys. It was fun to see you as well.

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