Summer Peach, Fall Apple, Hybrid Plum Jam


It’s a beautiful last day of summer with the projected forecast to hit a high of 79.  Seems fitting to end summer on a warmer note.  And although Autumn is my beloved of seasons (no doubt I pine for it’s arrival not long after it ends), the refreshment & excitement which summer sows is like that of a peach.

The other day while in the kitchen Ben said, “Wouldn’t you say that a nectarine or peach are the ultimate fruit?”

Me: “Yeah I would!”

Ben: (almost in a daze about it), “I mean, apples & bananas are good, but I could live without ’em.”

Me: “Yeah!”

Ben: “But a nectarine or a peach, I could eat those all the time.  They’re juicy, sweet, and rarely disappoint.”

Me: “yeah I completely agree.”

Summer is peaches.  It’s true, they rarely disappoint.  They can quench both a thirst and a hunger inside.  And there are so many things about Autumn that beat out summer in mind, but the fall apple doesn’t have anything on the summer peach.  And as I was drinking a glass of water, clear, clean water, I paused and said, “Thank you God for this clean water that I take for granted!  People in places like Haiti are without this simplest of gifts that I rarely rejoice in.”

And as I was thanking God for this simplest of gifts, it got me thinking about the ending of Summer and how I can steamroll ahead into Autumn, without a glimpse of a grateful heart for the summer.  How I can tend to focus so much on the big picture, or my agenda, or who I want to become, or my goals, that I forget to delight in the little details of God’s goodness.  Like my youngest clapping her hands for the first time, for oldest staying calm in the midst of struggling to put on her underwear, or the smell of fresh plum jam cooking on the stove top.  It’s as my oldest says, “Gummies today the Lord has made?”  Living in today, because the Lord has made it and delighting in it fully.

So as I breathe in the last of summer, so it only seems fitting to make a batch of plum jam.  Thanks to my friend Megan who had an exploding Italian plum tree in their yard.


Plum Jam

It’s a hybrid not because it comes from a hybrid plum tree, but it’s a hybrid of two seasons colliding.  This recipe is from the magazine Food & Wine, which can be found here.  Note that when it says to squeeze the lemon over the plums, you are then suppose to add the squeezed lemon in with the mixture (as seen in my pics).


Plums sitting in sugar for an hour.


Cooking jam with half of lemon on top.

IMG_3689Wonderful afternoon snack, only thing missing is a cup of tea.


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